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Here is what people had to say about ‘the forgotten.’

“You can smell Hellblazer rising off the pages, and I don’t mean that negatively...more entertaining than a lot of comics I see...”
-- Steven Grant, Comic Book Resources

“Fintan Studios makes a lot of crazy promises about their premiere book, ‘the forgotten’... you can imagine my surprise when they lived up to every one of them.”
-- Randy Lander, the 4th Rail

“’the forgotten’ is an engrossing and exquisitely well-drawn piece of superhero revisionism... [It] is one of a current crop of ambitious, independently produced comics that easily rival the artistic quality and readability of much of what the Big Four are publishing.”
-- Andrew Duncan, 4-Color Review

“’the forgotten’ combines the best elements of Bill Willingham and Warren Ellis’s work and drops it into a world that could have been created by a modern Raymond Chandler.”
-- Rick Beckley, Digital Webbing

“Here’s an example of what alternative comics are when they’re at their best. Plain and simple, straightforward, and damn professional.”
-- Randy Zimmerman, Arrow Comics

“It has a Vertigo meets Astro City vibe to it that I think readers of intelligent mature titles will eat up with a spoon. One of the more pleasant surprises of 2002, ‘the forgotten’ is a self-published comic worth reading.”
-- Barb Lien-Cooper, Sequential Tart