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So what’s ‘the forgotten’ all about?

‘The forgotten’ is a mystery based in Philadelphia that centers around the unsolved murder of an exotic dancer, and the enigmatic man investigating her death... A man with the ability to reach out with his own mind to anyone he sees, anyone he meets, anyone on the street -- and make them forget about him completely.

Originally published as a black-and-white four-issue comic book in 2002 and then as a 128-page graphic novel in 2003, ‘the forgotten’ was released by authors Evan Young and Jareth Grealish under their Fintan Studios banner. The series, which is a completely self-contained story, was well acclaimed upon its release.

‘The forgotten’ combines elements of the supernatural and the superheroic and will appeal to fans of crime noir fiction. Its use of Philadelphia as a backdrop provides the story with a sense of dark, gritty realism that not only comic book readers, but all fiction readers in general should enjoy. .

This just in: a number of news outlets are reporting that Don Murphy and John Wells are teaming up to produce 'the forgotten,' and it couldn't be more true. We'll keep you updated on the latest news about the movie, but for now, special thanks go to Don for his unwavering dedication and hard work, as well as Susan, John and Claire. Thank you!